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Stephane - Casselman, ON.

The repairs and troubleshooting advice provided by Paul Deane at Digitalman was a great help. Having old computers that I wanted repaired for years, I recommend others to use his service and knowledge.
I had a old Commodore 1541 disk drive and Vic20 needing repairs. He aligned the disk drive and had a spare used Chip to replace the defective one in the Vic20.
I have purchased used Computers, disk drives, Joysticks, wire cables, all OK.
Purchased new power packs to prevent overvoltage damage to the Commodore 64 and Vic20, caused from unknowingly defective older power packs.

Steve - Mitchell, ON

I bought a C64 complete system from Paul and had nothing but a great experience. The system was gone over to make sure in perfect working order. He was more then patient with any questions I had and responded very quickly. 

Davies - Hamilton, ON

Paul was able to repair a black screen on my C64.  Turned out to be bad ram.  Turn around was quick and now I can enjoy my retro computer system again.  So much fun!

Digital Man

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